Preconceptional Counselling

Preconceptional counselling Is a broad term applicable to all women who are planning a Pregnancy .


Complete Antenatal Care

Systematic supervision which includes examination and advice of a woman during pregnancy is called antenatal or prenatal care.


High Risk pregnancy management like pregnancy with Diabetes or Hypertension or Intrauterine Growth Restriction.

High risk pregnancies are those pregnancies which are associated with other obstetric or medical conditions as comorbidities.


Normal Delivery

The term normal delivery is often replaced with vaginal birth. It is a natural way of bringing the baby to the world without any medical intervention.


24*7 Availability of gynaecologist and anaesthesiologist for Painless Normal Delivery

We understand that all the pregnant ladies would certainly be experiencing mixed feelings of excitement and fear more so when they reach near term .


Caesarean section

It Is The Method Of Delivering A Baby Through A Surgical Incision On The Abdomen And Then Through The Uterus.


Availability of Neonatologist in each case

Neonatologists are doctors who specialize in the care of newborn children. They are basically pediatricians specialized in newborn care.Newborns can present a unique set of health challenges that require a high level of skill and medical expertise to treat.


Postnatal care

It’s All About The New Mother Taking Care Of Herself……


3D 4D sonography and Colour Doppler

It is said that the best music on earth is hearing your baby’s heartbeat. With the help of ultrasound now we can not only just hear the baby’s heart sound but also can see its development from embryo till full term.


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss management

Commonly defined as two or more consecutive clinical miscarriages.


Early diagnosis and treatment of Ectopic pregnancy

In normal condition implantation of embryo occurs inside the uterine cavity near the fundal area. When pregnancy is located outside the uterus its called Ectopic Pregnancy. Most common site is Fallopian tubes.



Internationally accepted infection control protocols for patient care